A minute / installation

The minute wheel typically is the first wheel being connected to the clock’s drive and thus it is the center of the clockwork. The escapement is the last part of it and keeps the clock in time with curbing it each second with an anchor. The anchor is coupled to the escapement’s pendulum as the pulse, balance and rhythm of the clock.

Normally the minute wheel of the clock makes a 360 degree turn once an hour. The wheel for seconds respectively turns fully each minute. What do we associate with a minute? A second feels short. An hour feels long. And what about a minute? It can be both and everything in between. One minute is the center of the clock and our interpretation becomes the "tempo" of it.

The musical "tempo" (Italian for time) markings relate in words to the speed, pace and rhythm of a music piece. Human perception of a minute can be illustrated accordingly through a mechanic mode. The clocks’ escapement anchor is the amplifier of the tempo. Its rhythm is adjustable by the pendulum’s momentum. When both are not given force by physics but by the audience, tempo becomes ones own personal time. The audience become designers of their own time.

July 2013 Graduationshow Gerrit Rietveld Academy
November 2013 Kunstlijn Haarlem, Lichtfabriek

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