watertower slide / for the municipality of Amsterdam.

The Water tower of the Spaklerweg, Amsterdam, is a monumental building and significant to the area. This tower can easily become the landmark of the new neighbourhood and beyond. The idea to integrate a water slide into the whole water tower would complement his history and it attraction.

For the slide the different floors offer different sliding experiences: half pipe, top to drop, two-way slides and a cone slide to circle you into the pool. The water slide can easily turn into a slide for all seasons, instead of water take a pillow and you all set.

The round shape of the water tower is mirrored into the half-moon pool and in the pavilion. Like this the shape can be experienced by either swimming “round’ or waking “round’. The tower stays the centre of all happening.

In order to the rainy days in the Netherlands the pavilion has different roofing material (metal, plastic, glass, netting and no roofing at all) so the different sounds of the raindrops will give a concert while you take a walk.

July 2012